Residential Rehab Wiltshire

About Residential Rehabilitation Centres

We only deal with leading residential rehab treatment centres in Wiltshire that are registered and have passed all criteria of the Quality Care Commission. So by using Rehab Wiltshire you can be assured you will gain access to the very best in addiction treatment residential care.

What Is A Residential Rehab?

A residential rehab will usually provide a drug / alcohol / addiction treatment programme helping you to recovery in a residential setting as opposed to a day programme where you only attend in the daytime. Usually someone would choose a residential treatment centre if they are struggling to recovery from their addiction at home and in the local Wiltshire community.

Do I Need To Pay For Rehab?

There are two financial options for checking into a rehabilitation centre and those are self-funding and state-funding. Self-funding is where you will finance the cost of your residential treatment yourself or by medical insurance, family members etc and state-funding is where the NHS cover the cost of the treatment. You can discuss these options with the rehab once you go for a FREE assessment, if you are going state funded they will help and guide you through the NHS application process.

Will It Be In Wiltshire?

At Rehab Wiltshire we always try to locate you with the best residential centre within Wiltshire If possible. However if we cannot find availability within the Wiltshire catchment we will then find you the nearest one to this area. It also might be that finding the best rehab for you might mean choosing one thats not in the area of your choice but is best suited for your particular needs.

Residential Accommodation & Facilities

One of the first things most people feel after checking into a rehab centre is RELIEF! Finally you will be in a safe abstinence-based environment with medical care, 24 hour support staff and other people who are starting to recover from addictions like you. Not being alone any more can be a great relief in itself.

Most centres offer clients there own room. However some addiction treatment centres in Wiltshire and around the country ask clients to share for the first week, especially whilst detoxing, so you are never left alone and at risk. As part of residential rehabilitation you will provided with three main meals a day, mid-day and evening snacks and you will have constant access to coffees and teas when ever you want.

Facilities vary greatly depending on the actual treatment centre you choose. Some centres are located in acres of green tree covered land and offer full spa, gym and entertainment facilities. Some centres may only provide more limited facilities such as communal lounge with TV offering access to local community facilities such as gyms.

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Addictions Types

Drinking problem, drug problem, food problem, gambling problem, sex problem, digital addiction, shopping addiction, prescription drugs addiction