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Getting Help Without Going Into Rehab

Not everybody needs to go to into rehab. If you suffer from a mild addiction that has not yet progressed into a full blown state and your symptoms do not require medical intervention then you could choose to attend a local addiction recovery-orientated organisation or self group in Wiltshire.

Wiltshire has lots of various self-help recovery programmes and groups that offer help to people suffering from addiction that don't require a stay in a residential rehab. The NHS Wiltshire for example has a range of services that can be accessed by people with all types of addiction from alcohol, drugs, food disorders and more.

You can also find many self help groups such as Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous that operate in Wiltshire Lots of people have recovered from addiction using these types of services. So if you feel you are not bad enough to check into a rehab then you might find the help you need to recover by accessing one of the below addiction based services.

Alternative NHS & Self Help In Wiltshire

The NHS provides help locally for all types of dependency issues, please click on the below link to view what is on offer near you from the NHS:

You can also attend self-help organisations that deal with addictions in your local area as well, please see the below list of Wiltshire Organisations that can help with various types of addictions:

Alcoholics Anonymous Wiltshire

Cocaine Anonymous Wiltshire

Narcotics Anonymous Wiltshire

Gamblers Anonymous Wiltshire


You must seek help before stopping or cutting down suddenly on drinking or using drugs - you must obtain the advice of an appropriate professional. This might be your GP in the first instance. It is potentially dangerous, even life-threatening, and can be a very unpleasant and distressing experience to suddenly stop taking something your body has become accustomed to having. You may require a prescribed detox in hospital, at a rehab or at home, or to reduce your drinking or drug use gradually. The self help information on this page is to help in addition to the medical advice you have sought.

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Drinking problem, drug problem, food problem, gambling problem, sex problem, digital addiction, shopping addiction, prescription drugs addiction